Support Ticket

  • Solving an issue occured on your iRedMail server
  • Mail us and clearly explain the issue
  • If you have to use TeamViewer or other GUI/web-based tools for remote access, it will cost you extra $39 per hour. Because those tools extremely slow down the process and waste too much time.
  • $39 per-issue, with direct ssh access.

What Customer Said

... for anyone out there struggling, WELL WORTH GETTING A SUPPORT TICKET. Response was very quick and Zhang logged in and fixed the issue in a matter of a few seconds, literally saving me hours of work.
Very happy with the support on this.

Remote Installation

  • Install the latest iRedMail release on supported Linux/BSD distributions.
  • The server must be FRESH, CLEAN.
  • $99 per-time

Remote Upgrade

  • Upgrade an existing iRedMail server to the new release immediately follow it. For example, if you're running iRedMail-0.8.0, this upgrade service will upgrade it to iRedMail-0.8.1, not the latest iRedMail-0.9.5-1. You can find iRedMail version number in file /etc/iredmail-release.
  • Upgrading iRedMail doesn't install new components shipped in new iRedMail release.
  • If you have any customization for Roundcube webmail or other softwares, you have to sync the customizations yourself and manually after upgrading.
  • If you own an valid iRedAdmin-Pro license, we will upgrade it to the latest stable release.
  • $99 per-time

Annual Remote Upgrade

  • Always upgrade your iRedMail to the latest release, no matter how many new versions have been released by iRedMail team in one year.
  • Note: your server must be running the latest iRedMail release before applying this annually support.
  • $299 per-year

What Customer Said

I ordered remote upgrade support ... Everything worked so smoothly, that there was no service interruption, no angry users and not a single mail lost. Thanks again, it was well worth the money!

Thomas Liesner, Aug 27, 2009

Migrate to iRedMail server

  • Migrate from:
  • Gmail, Google Apps
  • Zimbra
  • Microsoft Exchange (cannot migrate user passwords)
  • Old iRedMail server or Linux/BSD based mail server
  • Standard IMAP server like Dovecot, Cyrus-IMAP
  • Depends on the number of mail domains/users/aliases, mailbox size, and other data needed to be migrated, the price may be different, there isn't a fixed price for migration service.

iRedAdmin-Pro Customization

  • Develop required feature based on iRedAdmin-Pro

What Customer Said

We've asked Mr. Zhang to develop a few iRedAdmin-Pro features for us (paid). We've worked with total collaboration. The features were ready as scheduled and he was very responsive to our comments and requests. The problems that were encountered during the development phase were fixed with a very high technical knowledge. We are more than satisfied with the results.

Amikam Geller,, Aug 24, 2014