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Bruce MacKay (bmackay@), 2012-12-13

I have worked with Unix/Linux mail systems for nearly two decades and it has always been a struggle dealing with large numbers of domains and virtual users on a single server. I looked long and hard and actually ran several solutions on small servers for many months before making the decision to purchase iRedAdmin-Pro. The product paid for itself in the first couple of weeks in time saved alone. What sealed the deal was the excellent level of technical support that I received when we had a glitch. The problem was resolved quickly and the whole event was completely transparent to our users. iRedAdmin-Pro is a mature product with great support and ongoing development. I could not give it a higher recommendation.

Robin (rrlw.net) 2011-05-13

Thank you so much for all of the great work you have put into the iRedMail system!

It (iRedMail) was so easy to install and start using I thought something was wrong. After extensive testing, found it is a reliable, secure, and the best part - a "small footprint" system. I like the iRedAdmin interface so much I didn't hesitate to upgrade to Pro, and highly recommend it when I am asked.

How has my support experience from the iRedMail team been? Exceptional!!!! Kind and most important - friendly and respectful. I had a few questions I sent, thought it would be a day or 2 before an answer back, and it was quick!

My overall experience is so good I am recommending all of my clients to at least use the open source version and upgrade to the Pro, and not even waste their time using any other system.

Features & Comparison: iRedAdmin open source edition vs iRedAdmin-Pro (full-featured edition)

Demo of iRedAdmin-Pro Purchase iRedAdmin-Pro via PayPal
  • We have only one edition of iRedMail, it's free and open source.
  • iRedAdmin-Pro is an additional web-based admin panel to help you manage iRedMail server, to make your life easier.
  • All mail services related features are implemented in iRedMail, you get all mail services without iRedAdmin-Pro.
Features Open Source Edition iRedAdmin-Pro (OpenLDAP edition) iRedAdmin-Pro (MySQL edition) iRedAdmin-Pro (PostgreSQL edition)
Internationalization (i18n) support
Preventing Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and XSRF attacks
SSL/TLS-based secure LDAP connection N/A N/A
Mark mail user as domain admin
Self-service (Allow mail user to login to iRedAdmin-Pro to manage their own data) change password
set mail forwarding
set per-user white/blacklist
manage quarantined mails
set basic spam policy
Mail Domain Unlimited number of mail domains
Per-domain mail quota
Per-domain relay setting (Screenshot)
Per-domain limited number of mail users
Per-domain limited number of mail aliases
Per-domain limited number of mail lists N/A N/A
Alias domain support. Emails sent to user@[ALIAS_DOMAIN] will be delivered to user@[primary_domain]. (Screenshot)
Catch-all address management (Screenshot)
Per-domain password length control (Screenshot)
Per-admin domain profile control. Global admin can set which domain profiles normal admin cannot view and update.
Mail User Unlimited number of mail users
Per-user mailbox quota limit
Per-user relay setting (Screenshot)
Per-user mail forwarding control
Alias account (Same as "Nickname" in Google Apps)
Show real-time mailbox quota usage (Screenshot)
Mail List Unlimited number of mail lists N/A N/A
Access Restriction: Who can send mail to this list (Screenshot) N/A N/A
Add internal/external users as mail list member or moderator (Screenshot) N/A N/A
Mail Alias Unlimited number of mail aliases
Access Restriction: Who can send email to this list. Screenshot) N/A
Add internal/external users as mail alias members
Add internal/external users as mail alias moderators N/A
Mail Admin Unlimited number of mail admins
Admin type control (Global/Normal Admin)
Service Control Mail service
Fetching mail via POP3
Fetching mail via POP3S (POP3 over TLS/SSL)
Fetching mail via IMAP
Fetching mail via IMAPS (IMAP over TLS/SSL)
Sending mail via SMTP
Allowed to receive mails
Mail forwarding
Alias address
Customize mail filter rules
Sender BCC
Recipient BCC
Amavisd integration Quarantine SPAM/Virus mail into MySQL/PostgreSQL database
View log and detail of quarantined mails (Screenshots: 1, 2)
Release, delete quarantined mails
View logs of server-wide sent/received/quarantined mails (Screenshots: 1, 2)
View logs of per-user and per-domain sent/received/quarantined mails
Throttling (Per-domain and per-user setting) * Max message size of all outgoing emails per time unit
Number of max outgoing emails per time unit
Number of max incoming emails per time unit
Blacklist management (IP addresses, Sender email address, DNS name, HELO identifies) *
Whitelist management (IP addresses, Sender email address, DNS name) *
Search accounts via display name or email (Screenshot)
Maildir path control
Log most admin operations (Screenshot)
Log maildir path of deleted mail user, so that you can delete the mailbox on file system later, either manually or with a cron job.