iRedMail Easy - the web-based deployment and support platform

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- Easy deployment with few clicks on web interface
- Easy and fearless one-click upgrade to keep your iRedMail server up to date
- Fast and professional technical support from iRedMail Team
Getting Start

What's iRedMail Easy?

iRedMail Easy is a web-based deployment platform, it offers an easy to use web interface to help you deploy iRedMail server, keep your server up to date, also get fast and professional technical support from iRedMail team.

Because of the rewrite of the installer with Ansible, we have now a better documented and better controllable installer which leads to more stable and maintainable infrastructures.

Why should i use iRedMail Easy?

Easy Deployment

Perform the installation and upgrade on the web with few clicks, with detailed explanation for each setting.

Fearless One-Click Upgrade

Config files are separated as 'core' and 'custom' files, iRedMail Easy maintains the core config files, you're free to override settings in custom config files. It's fearless to upgrade and keep it up to date with one click, no more modifying config files manually.

Tech Support

Get fast and professional technical support from iRedMail Team with a monthly or annually subscription.

More Optional Softwares

Thanks to Ansible, it's easy to integrate more softwares with our best practice. Need XMPP messaging? Cache-only DNS server? Different webmails? They're available right after you sign up.


Passwords are stored only on your server

Strong passwords are generated randomly during deployment, and stored on your server. No one else knows the passwords.
You have all data on your own hard disk.

All it requires is the secure SSH connection

The deployment is done with Ansible via key based secure ssh connection. You can / should remove the ssh public/private key after deployment to disable access, it's easy to generate a strong ssh key with one click next time.

Comparison: iRedMail vs iRedMail Easy

Feature iRedMail iRedMail Easy
Fast and Professional Tech Support Post your issue to community forum and wait
Fearless one-click upgrade Follow the upgrade tutorials and apply the changes manually
Release new versions frequently N/A
Easy Installation Even easier
Supports CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenBSD
Supports FreeBSD N/A
Supports MariaDB, PostgreSQL, OpenLDAP backends
Supports Microsoft Active Directory backend N/A
Easy to add components
(Limits to components offered by iRedMail Easy)
Install and configure the conponents manually Few clicks on the web
Auto learn spam/ham
Message moved to Junk folder will be learned (by SpamAssassin) as spam. Vice verse, message moved out of Junk will be learned as ham. The more samples it learned, the more accurate it can detect spam. What end users need to do is just moving spams to Junk folder.
Configure manually


iRedMail Easy

  • Unlimited mail domains, mailboxes, mailing lists
  • Unlimited deployments / upgrades
  • Unlimited support tickets through web ticket system
    Response Time: 1 working day (8AM-5PM, GMT+8, Monday to Friday)
    Buy ticket to get remote support via ssh
  • No full-featured web admin panel
    Buy iRedAdmin-Pro license
  • $49 per server per month
    $499 per server per year
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