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Important Notes

Release Notes

iRedMail-0.7.2 is a bugfix release, it also fixes some possible XSS vulnerabilities in iRedAdmin (open source edition).

Below are changes since v0.7.1:

  • Works on Ubuntu 11.04.
  • Enable LDAPS on FreeBSD by default. Thanks Markus Wyrsch <W-Chi@>.
  • Add alias domain support in postfix virtual_mailbox_domains (MySQL backend special).
  • Set 'ServerTokens' to 'ProductOnly' in Apache on Debian/Ubuntu. Thanks c33s@forum.
  • Update Fail2ban filter to catch more password failures in Postfix log file.
  • Package update:
    • Roundcube webmail -> 0.5.3
    • phpLDAPadmin ->
    • phpMyAdmin -> 3.4.1
    • iRedAPD -> 1.3.6. Fixes two issues which are MySQL backend special.
    • iRedAdmin -> 0.1.5. Fixes some possible XSS vulnerabilities.

Addition Tutorials

Below are some addition tutorials you might be interested in:

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