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  • Able to search mail domains.
  • Read used mailbox quota from separate table 'used_quota'. NOTE: This feature require iRedMail-0.7.4. If you didn't upgrade iRedMail to 0.7.4, you will get incorrect realtime mailbox usage in iRedAdmin-Pro-MySQL.
  • Save password last change date in column: mailbox.passwordlastchange.
  • Able to set global timezone in libs/ LOCAL_TIMEZONE.
  • Allow to store user password in plain text in libs/ STORE_PASSWORD_IN_PLAIN. Thanks brothner <bryan.orthner@>.

Fixed Issues

  • Show quarantined emails of all domains instead of specified domain. Thanks mmh@forum for the report.
  • Not completely delete user related records while removing user from search result page. Thanks wangning_wang@ for the report.
  • Cannot assign alias as member of another alias account.

New and updated translations

  • Polish (pl_PL). Thanks Krzysztof Skurzyński <k.skurzynski@kospel>.
  • Finnish (fi_FI). Thanks Teemu Harjula <teemu.harjula@tietovirta>.
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