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iRedAdmin-Pro is web-based admin panel for iRedMail open source mail server solution. We have two editions of iRedAdmin-Pro:

  • iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP is iRedAdmin-Pro for OpenLDAP backend. Used to manage mail accounts which stored in OpenLDAP.
  • iRedAdmin-Pro-MySQL is iRedAdmin-Pro for MySQL backend. Used to manage mail accounts which stored in MySQL database.

Although iRedAdmin-Pro-MySQL-1.0 is initial release, it's almost full-featured.

Installtion Guide


  • User authentication against MySQL (MD5).
  • Log major operations in database.
  • List all accounts (domains/admins/users/aliases).
  • Add/delete/enable/disable account (domain/admin/user/alias).
  • View/update domain profile:
    • Set per-domain sender BCC and recipient BCC.
    • Add alias domain.
    • Assign admin for domain.
    • Edit relay setting (transport, smarthost).
    • Edit catch-all address.
    • Set domain quota size.
    • Set max number of total users, aliases.
    • Set minimal and maximal password length.
    • Set default quota size and mail group (alias) for new user.
  • View/update admin profile.
    • Assign domain for management.
    • Mark as global admin or normal admin.
    • Set preferred language of iRedAdmin-Pro.
    • Reset password.
  • View/update user profile.
    • Set mailbox quota.
    • Set forwarding addresses.
    • Set maildir path.
    • Set per-user relay setting (transport, smarthost).
    • Set per-user sender BCC and recipient BCC.
    • Mail services control. Includes SMTP, SMTPS, POP3, POP3S, IMAP, IMAPS, Managesieve (mail filter rule).
    • Reset password.
  • View/update alias profile.
    • Add/remove alias members.
  • Amavisd integration.
    • Store basic information of incoming and outgoing emails. Includes mail subject, size, sender, recipient.
    • Quarantine SPAM mail into MySQL database.
    • Release or delete quarantined SPAM mails.
  • Policyd integration.
    • Server-wide blacklist and whitelist.

Still missed features

Below features are not achieved in v1.0 yet, but will be coming soon.

  • Search accounts
  • Per-user whitelist/blacklist.
  • Per-domain disclaimer support.
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