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(Fixed issues)

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[edit] New features

No new features in this release.

[edit] Improvements

  • CSRF protect. Reference: Cross-site request forgery
  • Able to delete all admin logs with one click.
  • Add 'shadowLastChange=0' for newly created mail user.

[edit] Fixed issues

  • Cannot view quarantined VIRUS mails. Thanks beez@forum <>.
  • Cannot remove object under ou=Externals while deleting mail list.
  • Incorrect links of pages in per-user and per-domain activity list.
  • Can't add sub-domain users as external member of mail list. Thanks Silviu Romonti <silviu.romonti@>.
  • Allow to use domain names which end with 2-6 chars. Thanks Julian P. <>.
  • Some possible XSS vulnerabilities.
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