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[edit] New features

  • You can now search log of sent/received/quarantined mails based on domain name or email address.
  • Able to view per-user and per-domain sent/received/quarantined mail logs.

[edit] Improvements

  • Bulk update user alias addresses.
  • Show alias domains in domain list page.
  • Support domain alias in mail alias, mail list and catch-all account.
  • Show number of managed domains in Dashboard page.
  • Able to delete all quarantined mails with one click.
  • Show mail size in received/sent mail logs.
  • Sortable sent/received/quarantined mail log pages.
  • Delete old amavisd records only once in each login session.
  • Save 'shadowLastChange' when updating user password.

[edit] Fixed issues

  • Always use specified MySQL host instead of 'localhost'. Thanks atros@forum <christian@>.
  • Allow normal admin to release/delete their quarantined mails.
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