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v1.4.1 is a bugfix release.


  • Better unicode handle in quarantined/sent/received mail logs. Thanks to Olivier PLOIX <olivier@>, Reinhard Sanjeet lal <sanjeet@>.
  • Don't allow to delete admin itself.
  • Improve SQL query performance used to delete quarantined mails. Thanks to robynhub@forum.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed paged admin list. Thanks Lucas Valdeon Villa (landm).
  • Make sure email address not exist while adding mail accounts and user alias address. Thanks to Kirk Crane <krcrane@>.
  • Fixed PERMISSION_DENIED error while accessing domain profile: catch-all. Thanks Jack Wang <jackwjy@>.
  • Fixed incorrect count of quarantined mails. Thanks to Olivier PLOIX <olivier@>.
  • Make sure JavaScript is able to expand quarantined mails which has '+' in mail_id. Thanks to Olivier PLOIX <olivier@>.
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