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(Fixed Issues)

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[edit] New Features

  • New user interface. Check it out in our demo site:
  • Amavisd-new integration. Note: This feature requires Amavisd + MySQL integration.
    • Show or delete sent and received mail logs. It displays only mail subject, addresses of sender/recipient, date.
    • Show, delete or release quarantined mails.
    • Ability to delete log records which older than specified days automatically. Default is keep sent/received for 90 days, quarantied for 30 days. You can change them in file libs/ AMAVISD_REMOVE_MAILLOG_IN_DAYS, AMAVISD_REMOVE_QUARANTINED_IN_DAYS.
    • Ability to show quarantined mails (headers, body, attachment names).
  • Show percent of per-user quota usage as progress bar. Note: This feature requires dovecot-1.2 and dictquota.

[edit] Improvements

  • Allow normal admin to edit disclaimer text.
  • Show total messages and bytes in dashboard page when 'show_used_quota' is True.
  • Show percent of domain quota usage as progress bar.
  • All shadowAddress which ends with removed alias domain will be removed, not only the one which has same username.
  • It now will add mail list to users for newly created alias domains. Only users which already assigned to mail list under same domain will be synced.
  • Removed settings: skin, mailbox_type, hashed_maildir, dbn.

[edit] Fixed Issues

  • Incorrect permission detect while showing tabbed profile types.
  • Delete member ship while deleting mail list. Thanks grepmaster@forum.
  • Add missing value of enabledService: smtpsecured. Used to control sending mail via SMTP over TLS/SSL.
  • Validate accounts are under domain while deleting them.
  • Lost 'sieve', 'sievesecured' in enabledService after updating user profile. Thanks moleksinski for the feedback.
  • Can't remove domain disclaimer setting.
  • Can't update telephone number in user profile page.
  • Normal admin can't set user aliases.
  • Don't allow normal admin to disable/enable domain.
  • Don't hard-code '@' in ldap search filter.
  • Incorrect SQL column in searching in/out mails as normal admin.
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