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iRedMail will append timestamp in maildir path by default, I'd like to explain why we append timestamp before you disable it.

Depends on the tools/scripts you used to create mail accounts, it's tunable in iRedMail shipped shell/python scripts and iRedAdmin (file libs/, variable MAILDIR_APPEND_TIMESTAMP=[True|False]).

The key point is, deleting mail accounts with iRedAdmin will not remove the mailboxes on file system.

Think about this situation:

  • Your employee, Michael Jordan, has email address Without timestamp in maildir path, the maildir path of his mailbox looks like this: .../
  • Michael left company, and your company deleted his mail account. With iRedAdmin, it just deletes mail accounts in LDAP/SQL server, it won't delete his mailbox on file system.
  • A new talent joined in, his name is Mike Jackson, he want to use '' as email address since 'mj' is not used by others. And you created it for him. Without timestamp in maildir path, the maildir path of Mike's mailbox is the same as Michael's: .../

iRedAdmin doesn't remove the mailboxes on file system, so Mike will see all emails in Michael's mailbox if Michael didn't delete them. To avoid this, we append a timestamp in maildir path to make sure all users will be assigned different maildir paths. That's why.

Hope it helps.

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