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iRedMail provides POP3, POP3S (pop3 over TLS), IMAP, IMAPS (imap over TLS), SMTP, SMTPS (smtp over TLS) for receiving and sending emails by default.

Create new mail account

Menu: File -> New -> Mail Account.

Add your name, email address and password in this screen.

Click continue, it will detect IMAP and SMTP server automatically.


  • You should click "Edit" to input full email address as username.
  • If you want to use POP3 instead of IMAP, click "Edit" and change it to POP3 in this screen with port 110, STARTTLS.

Configure Thunderbird as POP3 client

Warning: Make sure you're using full email address as username.


Configure Thunderbird as IMAP client

Warning: Make sure you're using full email address as username.


Configure Thunderbird to send mail via SMTP

Menu: Tools -> Account settings... -> Outgoing server (SMTP) -> Choose the server you're using.

Warning: Make sure you're using full email address as username.


Use OpenLDAP as Global LDAP Address Book

IMPORTANT NOTE: Thunderbird won't show you contacts in LDAP address book directly, but it works when you starting typing email address in recipient field while composing email.

Here we take Thunderbird 5.0 for example. Steps:

  • Click Address Book in main window.
  • In Address Book window, click File -> New -> LDAP Directory.
  • In tab General:
    • Name: use whatever name you like. e.g. Mail Server Address Book.
    • Hostname: IP address or hostname of your iRedMail server.
    • Base DN: Base dn of your domain in LDAP directory. Normally, it's,o=domains,dc=xxx,dc=xxx. For example,,o=domains,dc=iredmail,dc=org.
    • Port Number: 389. Note: If you prefer to connect to OpenLDAP server over SSL, please check the Use secure connection (SSL) in same tab.
    • Bind DN: It's dn of your mail account. Normally, it's,ou=Users,,o=domains,dc=xxx,dc=xxx. For example:,ou=Users,,o=domains,dc=iredmail,dc=org.
  • In tab Advanced:
    • Don't return more than xxx results: it depends on how many accounts stored in same domain. You can set it to 100, or 1000. 100 is default value in Thunderbird.
    • Scope: Subtree.
    • Search filter: (&(enabledService=mail)(enabledService=deliver)(enabledService=displayedInGlobalAddressBook)(|(objectClass=mailList)(objectClass=mailAlias)(objectClass=mailUser)))
    • Login method: Simple.
  • Now switch to tab Offline, click button Download Now to test your settings. It will prompt to input password for this LDAP server, just type password of your mail account. With correct Bind DN and password, it will display Replicated succeeded.

That's all.

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