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Please try it on a test server first, if it works well, then try it on product server.

Since new iRedMail server will install same components as old server, you can choose what data you want to migrate. The core data are mail accounts, user mailboxes, roundcube webmail database, Policyd database, Amavisd database.

WARNING: Do not restore database "mysql" exported from old server, it contains SQL usernames/passwords for Roundcube/Amavisd/Policyd/Cluebringer used on old server. New iRedMail server has the same SQL usernames, but different passwords. So please do not restore it.

LDAP: migrate mail accounts

Steps to migrate LDAP mail accounts:

  • Setup a new server with the latest iRedMail, and make iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP work as expected.
  • Export mail accounts from LDAP on OLD mail server.

Normally, LDAP data can be exported into LDIF format. Here's backup/export script:


MySQL: Migrate mail accounts

All mail accounts are stored in database vmail by default, to migrate mail accounts, just simply export this database on old server, then import it on new server.

Note: There might be some changes in SQL structure, please read all upgrade tutorials for your running iRedMail version, then apply SQL structure related upgradings. For example:

Migrate mailboxes (in maildir format)

  • Simply copy all mailboxes (in maildir format) to new iRedMail server.
  • Set correct file owner of mailboxes. Default is owned by user vmail, group vmail.
  • Set correct file permission of mailboxes. Default is 0700.

WARNING: please make sure maildir path which stored/configured in LDAP will match the real path on file system, so that mail clients can find them.

Important Notes for MySQL backend

This section is applicable to iRedMail-0.7.3 and earlier versions, with MySQL backend. Not required in iRedMail-0.7.4 and later versions.

Please refer to this section for more details: Store realtime mailbox quota usage in seperate SQL table

Migrate Roundcube webmail data

  • Export/import roundcube webmail database, and upgrade database to work with new version of Roundcube.

Migrate Policyd database

Policyd database stores blacklist/whitelist, throttling, etc. To migrate its data, simply export this database on old server, then import it on new server.

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