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this article describes some tasks you should do before you even think of starting the installation of your OS

you can take your OS-defaults - but it seems to be a common recommendation to do this steps on every installation you perform


[edit] STOP

if you do not understand what the steps below will do to your system STOP reading here and take a good book

WARNING: you will lose your data

the below steps will repartition your disks.
The code is just an example!
Adjust to your needs!

still reading?
so you know what you do - don't balme anybody exept yourself ;)

[edit] BEFORE you install your OS

some may say it's not useful at all. Some people are using it as common "best practice"

As people are getting their 4k drives and also using SSDs ....
if you want performance follow the hints :)

Before you even start installing your system you want to boot up in "rescue mode" (plz refer to your docs).

[edit] create a new disk-partition

# fdisk /dev/sda
...create new partition...
....type is primary...
...we start with 1...
   1 we accept the defaults...
... we go to expert-mode...
....editing beginning of partionion (thats our alignment)...
....we use 1st partition we created above....
...aligning to 4096 (was either usually 63 or 32)...
...write to disk + exit...

disk-alignment done :)

[edit] create filesystem

maybe you want to take the next steps and format your partition using ext4

[edit] reference

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