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Hello Team,

We just purchased iRedAdmin couple of days back. Our iRedMail setup is with MySQL backend and SquirrelMail & Roundqube as webmail component. This is not on production yet.
We just came to know that iRedAdmin supports only OpenLDAP backend at this stage.
I have not installed iRedAdmin yet on this server. Is there any way I can implement iRedAdmin with MySQL backend or should I need to uninstall iRedMail completely and setup new server with OpenLDAP backend?

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Re: iRedAdmin with MySQL backend

Reinstall is the easiest way to have OpenLDAP backend running.



Re: iRedAdmin with MySQL backend

Just want to know, in case of openLDAP as a backend for iredadmin, will iredmail use mysql for database or will it use openLDAP.
My apologies for basic question.




Re: iRedAdmin with MySQL backend

iRedMail stores accounts in LDAP. But some other programs will store their own data in MySQL, such as roundcube webmail, policyd, etc. OpenLDAP stores only mail accounts.