Topic: iredadmin - LDAP backend - email forwarding?

Hey hey!

over the last few months ive been working on a webhosting + email platform on the side, and have started providing both to paying customers.

I'm looking be able to sus out email forwarding. Currently, I have postfix on a secondary server which im using where forwarding is required - and would rather have all mail on the one box tongue

how is this done via ldap?  ive had a look in FAQ and wiki, but cant find much...

i'm looking to buy iredadminpro at some stage, but not until the hosting is paying its own way smile


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Re: iredadmin - LDAP backend - email forwarding?

Sample LDIF with forwarding addresses for user:

dn: mail=www@a.cn,ou=Users,domainName=a.cn,o=domains,dc=iredmail,dc=org
accountStatus: active                  # <- This is required.
cn: www
enabledService: mail                  # <- This is required.
enabledService: smtp
enabledService: pop3
enabledService: pop3secured
enabledService: imap
enabledService: imapsecured
enabledService: deliver
enabledService: forward                  # <- This is required.
enabledService: senderbcc
enabledService: recipientbcc
enabledService: managesieve
enabledService: managesievesecured
enabledService: sieve
enabledService: sievesecured
enabledService: displayedInGlobalAddressBook
enabledService: shadowaddress
givenName: www
homeDirectory: /var/vmail/vmail01/a.cn/w/ww/www/www-2010.
mail: www@a.cn
mailForwardingAddress: forward01@a.cn                  # <- Set forwarding address in 'mailForwardingAddress'.
mailForwardingAddress: forward02@a.cn
mailForwardingAddress: forward03@a.cn
mailForwardingAddress: www@a.cn                  # <- Forward to itself, used to save a copy in mailbox.
mailMessageStore: a.cn/w/ww/www/www-2010.
mailQuota: 104857600
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: shadowAccount
objectClass: amavisAccount
objectClass: mailUser
objectClass: top
sn: www
storageBaseDirectory: /var/vmail/vmail01
uid: www
userPassword: HIDDEN


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Re: iredadmin - LDAP backend - email forwarding?

Thank you very much!