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==== Required information ====
- iRedMail version: 0.8.6
- Store mail accounts in which backend (LDAP/MySQL/PGSQL): MySQL
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: Ubuntu 12.04
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Is there a way so I can limit the user mailbox quota and not just the domain quota?


domain.tld has 10 GB quota. Curently, in IRedMail, when creating test@domain.tld (for this example sake let's assume it's the only email account in the whole domain) I can give to the account up to 10 GB of quota. 

What I want to achieve is limit the amount of quota that a user account can have. The domain.tld has 10 GB limit but every account can only have up to X GB.

Is it possible?


Re: Max quota per user

This feature is available in both iRedAdmin-Pro and iRedAdmin open source edition, you can set per-user mailbox quota in user profile page.


Re: Max quota per user

Not what I meant.

Currently, when creating a domain, the global admin sets the domain quota (let's say 10 GB), then the domain admin can distribute that quota in which way he likes: 2 gb to one account, 3 to another, until it hits the 10 GB.

I would like to set a limit for every user created by the domain admin so that even if it has 10 gb available in the domain quota it can only give X gb (defined by the global admin) to a user account.

The purpose of this is to avoid that a domain admin gives all the quota of the domain to just one user.


Re: Max quota per user

What if domain admin want to assign more quota to one user? for example, you limit to 2GB, but domain admin want to assign 4GB to this user?

I agree we should prevent some mistake people may make, like submitting value in incorrect format/syntax, but i personally don't agree that we should restrict quota this way to prevent the mistake.


Re: Max quota per user

If the admin wants to assign more he wouldn't be allowed to.

The reasoning behind this is not possible mistakes. It's business model.

The company that I work for sells email hosting services. We want to offer our customers the most flexible solutions possible.

The idea behind my request is provide us with the ability to sell an email package:

- with domain quota (default behavior in iRedMail): where the customers decides what to do with the (global) quota they have
- per email account quota: The customer buys x amount of accounts with y GB per account.

PS: I'm currently tryin' to implement this myself. So far I achieved to read the value from the database and update it. I'm having trouble doing the verifications needed in the default user quota field and user quota fields.

In libs/mysql/domain.py, how do I compare the values of the field I created for this feature (I created it in the Advanced Page of the domain profile) with the value for defaultuserquota?


Re: Max quota per user

hferreira wrote:

The reasoning behind this is not possible mistakes. It's business model.

Understand now. I'm willing to help you achieve this goal in iRedAdmin-Pro, officially.
I will contact you later since i need to better understand this business model, then I will show you my propose after i clearly understand it. Feel free to contact me directly (mail: zhb _at_ iredmail dot org) if you have addition requests or details related to this feature.


Re: Max quota per user

Thanks man.

Already emailed you all the changes that I've made so far.


Re: Max quota per user

UPDATE: This feature will be available in next release of iRedAdmin-Pro, it's implemented in development edition.