Topic: Problem creating a new mail user with 1.7.0

==== Required information ====
- iRedMail version: 0.8.5 / 1.7.0
- Store mail accounts in which backend (LDAP/MySQL/PGSQL): MySQL
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: Ubuntu 12.04
- Related log if you're reporting an issue: Error: int() argument must be a string or a number, not 'NoneType'

I am essentially having the same issue as here: http://www.iredmail.org/forum/topic5202 … -v170.html

This happens when I do the following:

1. Remove a domain alias from another domain
2. Add the domain that was previously used as an alias to its own domain
3. Try to add a user to this domain

I can add users to other domains fine. Just this domain does not allow me to.

I tried doing these without any results:

Do below steps work for you?

*) deleting all records in SQL table `iredadmin.sessions`
*) Restarting Apache web server
*) Re-login


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Re: Problem creating a new mail user with 1.7.0

Hi Unksi,

So sorry about this trouble. Please try this patch:
http://www.iredmail.org/forum/topic5285 … etype.html


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Re: Problem creating a new mail user with 1.7.0

That worked, thank you!