Topic: Delete email account, users address book, cache and email

We are getting ready to cut over a 2000 user mail server to iRedmail for ISP use. This system will be integrated with Freeside for account maintenance. Freeside creates accounts, updates passwords, disables them when needed and also removes accounts when needed. I do not find a mechanism for keeping the system "clean".

System description - MySql backend without LDAP using Roundcube. Adding users, changing passwords and removing users from the vmail database is pretty straight forward as is removing their maildir. The roundcube db could become quite a mess over time if addresses and cache data is left in the db for accounts that have been removed.  We need to delete an email address and everything associated with that email account.

What is the procedure for keeping the system clean?




Re: Delete email account, users address book, cache and email

- Roundcube has its own MySQL database to store user preferences. Default is 'roundcubemail' database.
- MySQL stores virtual user accounts (vmail.mailbox), aliases (vmail.alias), bcc settings (vmail.sender_bcc_user, vmail.recipient_bcc_user).
- Dovecot may have directory used to store users' mail filter rules. Default is under /var/vmail/sieve/DOMAIN.LTD/USERNAME/
- Email files. Default is under /var/vmail/vmail0N/DOMAIN.LTD/HASH_TAG_HERE/USERNAME/Maildir/, you can read it from MySQL database (vmail.mailbox).

I may miss something related, but they are almost all you need to deal with.