Topic: Install Docu: /etc/hosts declaration for FQDN

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why is it worth for a "Warning" notice inside the ubuntu install ducumentation?

    /etc/hosts: hostname <=> IP address mapping. Warning: List the FQDN hostname as first item.

# Part of file: /etc/hosts   mx.example.com demo localhost localhost.localdomain

Which service get in trouble if it looks like:  demo localhost localhost.localdomain  mx.example.com



Re: Install Docu: /etc/hosts declaration for FQDN

iRedMail will use FQDN in several config files, e.g. Postfix (parameter "myhostname="). And it gets the FQDN with command "hostname -f". If you don't list the FQDN as first item in /etc/hosts, it will return a short hostname instead.



Re: Install Docu: /etc/hosts declaration for FQDN

OK, but if there is an entry in /etc/hosts for interface IP additional like this:  demo localhost localhost.localdomain  mx.example.com mx.example.com mx

then, it doesn't matter?


PS: certainly, it is hostname declaration question, not a iRedMail issue...


Re: Install Docu: /etc/hosts declaration for FQDN

It doesn't matter.
iRedMail just need a FQDN returned by command "hostname -f".