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I am trying to figure out how to add an outgoing email signature on a per user basis.
I am using iRedadmin-Pro LDAP. I can save text from Settings> Identities>Signature but i can not Insert signature as .jpg format from "Insert Signature". Can you please help?


Re: Signature insert problem

Are you talking about inserting signature with Roundcube webmail?
I don't think you can insert a JPG image directly as signature with Roundcube. How about create HTML signature with <img> tag linked to a public web server? For example:

<img src="http://your_server/images/signature.jpg">


Re: Signature insert problem

I have the same problem and I have no idea what I should do to add an outgoing email signature on a per user basis. I need the signature to appended like disclaimer is doing using. Disclaimer is inserted from amavisd-new. How can I insert signature per user stored on LDAP? If anyone has implemented this will appreciate if can share the ideas or how to.


Re: Signature insert problem

Hi djbahati1:

1) Please post your question in a new forum topic, do not hijack other's topic.
2) The latest RC release of Amavisd, 2.8.2-rc1, has a new LDAP attribute (amavisDisclaimerOptions) which is used to store per-user disclaimer options, you can try it on a testing machine.

As far as i know, Amavisd-new-2.8.0 supports this LDAP attribute, but the LDAP scheme file provided by Amavisd doesn't have this attribute, you can manually add this attribute and it should work as expected. Here's related discussion in Amavisd mailing list:
https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searc … PX7gSmmaEJ


Re: Signature insert problem

Thanks ZhangHuangbin for your suggestion.