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- iRedMail version: 0.7.3+Pro-LDAP
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: openSuSE 11.4
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I'm coming from vPOPmail+qMail which creates the default admin account as postmaster@ when creating a new domain. How do I achieve this is in iRedmail? It appears the LDAP schema stores separate objects which is probably fine, but I need a script or some kind of New Domain widget to manage this in one step. I've searched high and low to no avail.


Re: Default admin account

iRedAdmin-Pro doesn't support this. You have to achieve this in steps:

- Create new domain.
- Create new admin, postmaster@xxx.com
- In admin profile page, assign new domain to this admin.


- Create new admin, postmaster@xxx.com
- Create new domain.
- In DOMAIN profile page, assign current domain to newly created admin.



Re: Default admin account

I've been running qmail (MBOX) and postfix (MTA) for almost 15 years, and iRedMail is a great piece of kit. Congratulations to you. As a service provider, there are some functions we rely on, and it would be nice to see them in iRedAdmin. For now, we took some liberties with the create_mail_user_OpenLDAP.sh

Created create_mail_domain_OpenLDAP.sh, and made some changes.

Added to add_new_domain function:
domainAdmin: postmaster@${domain}

Added to add_new_user function:
dn: mail=${MAIL},o=domainAdmins,dc=XXX,dc=XXX
accountStatus: active
domainGlobalAdmin: no
mail: ${MAIL}
objectClass: mailAdmin
userPassword: ${PASSWD}

The vpopbull functionality from vPOPmail (address all users on the mail server) can be achieved with
memberOfGroup: everyone@mailserver.local

Wherein mailserver.local is non-routable (of course), and postings are only functional from the RoundCube interface. I'm getting educated on read-only and/or hidden LDAP attributes so end-users/domain admins can't remove themselves from the list.

Again, it's a nice piece of work. Robert


Re: Default admin account

Putting this

accountSetting: defaultList:everyone@mailserver.local

in add_new_domain seems to manage users added from IRedAdmin

Any tips on the LDAP ACL for hiding a specific attribute value pair?



Re: Default admin account

Hi @BossRoss,

Thanks for your sharing. You can achieve the same feature with iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP, in file libs/ldaplib/iredldif.py.

BossRoss wrote:

Any tips on the LDAP ACL for hiding a specific attribute value pair?

As i can remember, OpenLDAP can just hide an attribute (and all its values), not an attribute-value pair.
It's better to check OpenLDAP official documentations, and/or ask in its mailing list.