Topic: Enable relay from send mail trough iredmail (Postfix)

Hi All,
1st i want to say IREDMAIL is amazing project and i love using it.

my problem is as followed:

I have TWO Sites, Site 1 is a scalix server with sendmail and the other is IREDMAIL with postfix (no ldap installed).
I want to Scalix sendmail to use IREDMAIL as a SMARTHOST.

i have configure sendmail SMARTHOST Auth  BUT when ever i'm trying to send an email from Site 1 (Scalix) i see at the IREDMAIL postfix logs that "Sender address rejected: not owned by user USER1@domain.net" and IF i'm sending an email from USER1 i'm able to send it.

what can i do to enable a realy option with IREDMAIL

please help,
i'm stuck for Two days with this issue.



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Re: Enable relay from send mail trough iredmail (Postfix)

Add server IP address of Scalix in mynetworks (iredmail, /etc/postfix/main.cf).


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Re: Enable relay from send mail trough iredmail (Postfix)

ZhangHuangbin wrote:


Hey  ZhangHuangbin thanks for replying,
i have already done that and still i get the same error sad
i even disabled the SASL and now i get  "Recipient address rejected: Relay access denied"

here is my : mynetworks =,,

the is my scalix...
any clue why is that ?

any help will be much appreciate


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Re: Enable relay from send mail trough iredmail (Postfix)

Hi ZhangHuangbin,
i'm ashamed to say that i only now saw that there are two "mynetworks" on my configuration file sad
i wasted! A FULL DAY on it...

But it's working,
You got my word that i will publish my success story on my blog and here.

Thanks to you i can go to sleep happy smile