Topic: Stored Email Counts

I found a workaround for the message queue in mysql when migrating mail over, but is there a fix to get the Stored Email Count re-indexed?

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- iRedMail version: 0.7.3 and Pro-LDAP-1.6.2
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: Debian 6
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Re: Stored Email Counts

Is this what you want?
http://iredmail.org/wiki/index.php?titl … lbox.Quota



Re: Stored Email Counts

That's the patch I already applied for the quota's to update.

I was hoping it would update this:
System Information
Number of domains     4
Stored Emails     177 Emails. 3 MB.

Not that it's a HUGE problem, but I would like to see a message count and or space used by mail. Mostly so that once I get this migration finished I can get a better idea on where my quotas need to be.


Re: Stored Email Counts

After executing SQL commands mentioned in above tutorial, Dovecot will recalculate mailbox usage when user logging in.
So if not all users have been logging in, count of "Stored Emails" is less than real usage, because some users' quota is still '-1'.

brandon wrote:

I would like to see a message count and or space used by mail.

You can get them by query MySQL database manually.
For MySQL backend, it's table "vmail.mailbox", column "bytes" and "messages".
For OpenLDAP backend, it's table "iredadmin.used_quota".