Topic: Roundcube out of sync after migration

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- iRedMail version: 07.3
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: centos6


I have migrated my iRedMail(mysql) installation to a new server and i have just noticed right now that  roundcube does not pickup any of the new e-mail being delivered to the mailbox.

imap/pop3 do have all the messages old and new but roundcube does not display the new ones.

pop3: 60 3710

Now since i moved servers with migration the new file are created under a new extension as you see below. I already tested renaming the new files to the old server name but it still does not pickup them.

I have tried deleting the dovecot cache files and setting no cache for roundcube w/o any progress.

-rw------- 1 vmail vmail 23859 Aug 18 15:06 1313694372.M499760P6798.serverold.com,S=23859,W=24389:2,S - old
-rw------- 1 vmail vmail  3600 Aug 25 10:04 1314281093.M534939P8954.servernew.com,S=3600,W=3704:2,S - new
-rw------- 1 vmail vmail  3606 Aug 25 10:26 1314282362.M677103P14325.servernew.com,S=3606,W=3710:2,S

Any idea's /sugestions?

Thank You.


Re: Roundcube out of sync after migration

- Did you re-login to Roundcube for testing?
- Disable cache in Roundcube and test again? Search 'cache' in Roundcube config file "config/main.inc.php".


Re: Roundcube out of sync after migration

i did re-login a bunch of time on several e-mail account i can safely say the whole of rouncube is non functional .

$rcmail_config['enable_caching'] = false;

Everything works perfect if i use outlook imap/pop client to view the messaged but round cube only displays old message.

I did not migrate the roundcube database from the old server to the new. so the new roundcube had to read everything fresh.

I can switch the roundcube databases if need be.



Re: Roundcube out of sync after migration

Still no idea. Sorry. But it looks like a Roundcube issue, maybe cache.

- Try to delete all files start with 'dovecot.' in mailbox, then try again with Roundcube. It's safe to delete them, dovecot will rebuild them on next login.
- Maybe setup a new Roundcube database will solve it, no idea at all.


Re: Roundcube out of sync after migration

centos 6 =.="
it seems too many problems on this version