Topic: quota exceed problem.

Dear all, my quota is 100 Mb and full. i cant delete old mails, because quota 100Mb and full. How i can solve this problem ? (and i have many users. All users has problem)

How can i solve easy all users ?



Re: quota exceed problem.

You can login with roundcube webmail, delete selected mails with "Shift+Delete".
Note: it will delete selected mails immediately, not move deleted mails to Trash folder.



Re: quota exceed problem.

thanks for reply. but not update quota. quota %100.


Re: quota exceed problem.

linux_ wrote:

but not update quota. quota %100.

If mails were deleted successfully, try to re-login to webmail.



Re: quota exceed problem.

yes i have done. But same problem. login phpmyadmin, and in used_quota.

bytes     messages
    Edit     Delete     example@example.com    51182564     7358


Re: quota exceed problem.

If so, try to update all bytes and messages in SQL, set them to -1 to force dovecot to re-calculate used quota.

# mysql -uroot -p
mysql> USE vmail;
mysql> UPDATE mailbox SET bytes=-1,messages=-1 WHERE username='example@example.com';

If you want to force dovecot to re-calculate used quota for ALL users, remove 'WHERE' in above SQL command.

Note: This SQL command won't remove emails on file system, it's safe.


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Re: quota exceed problem.

i use ldap but quota mysql. (iredadmin db, in used_quota)