Topic: sending/receiving emails via POP3/SMTP of hosting provider


I have just installed iRedMail to Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS. I set up local users and they can send messages to each other.

we'd like to use it via web interface (local users will not connect with POP3/SMTP client )

But I do not want to change MX of our domain and expose our server to the internet.

Instead, I'd like to receive / send emails via POP3/SMTP server of our hosting provider.

Messages are receiving using one mail account (for any user) and delivered to our local mailboxeS where they can be accessed via web interface.

Messages are composed via web interface and sent out using the same mail account on the mail server of our hosting provider. It allows sending emails using different sender name, (but requires POP3 before SMTP)

What program to configure? Do I need additional software?

And I quess some component of iRedMail will not be used? maybe I will need to remove something.

The main goal is to get all emails of our company stored on one server, ease of configuring, control of user's emails.

Is there any manual on how to configure iRedMail in this case ?

Any help would be very appreciated. I'm a novice at mail system.

thanks in advance