Topic: Location of the ClamAV files?

I was just trying tinkering around with ClamAV usage with PHP.

I was trying myself to configure this impressive virust scanner, but I was told by the package manager Yum, that it was already installed, must be after I installed iRedmail of course!

However I was thinking of using the clamav libs part to work with PHP.

All I was wanting to do is allow users to upload files, then once the file has been uploaded (and whatever I want to do with that file), then virus scan it, but when configuring the PHP extension for such features, using: php-clamav-0.15.3 and running the command:

./configure --with-clamav=/usr/sbin/clamd./configure --with-clamav=/usr/sbin/clamd

It keeps asking for:

"checking for clamav files in default path... not found"

Which are either the config files, the binary file or the files associated with clamav, where can I locate these please?

I would appreciate any replies in advance of course!