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Topic: upgrade Roundcube webmail


in order to upgrade the Roundcube webmail I assume it`s enough to just overwrite the old ver files ??
there is 2 roundcube folders which are installed during iRedAdmin installation, one of them are named:
roundcubemail-0.5.1 and another roundcubemail both are located in the /var/www..

The question is which of these 2 is used and is it enough to replace the files and folders only or ??

Thank You


Re: upgrade Roundcube webmail

- There's only one folder (roundcubemail-0.5.1), another one is symbol link.
- Do not override old version, simply extract new version to a new folder.

Here's roundcube official upgrade tutorial:



Re: upgrade Roundcube webmail

thank You for quick response, but if I extract the new release to a new folder what happens to the mail link: http://domain.net/mail ?? shell it still be "mail" ? how to tell the system to use the new version instead of the old one.. ?

RoundCube forum says:

"Use your favorite FTP/SFTP/SCP program to rename or remove the old folder and upload the new one. "

They will us to remove the old ver...  therefore I would like to know.. it`s not a problem to upgrade it at all, I know that we only need to overwrite the old files except the "config" files or just edit them later if overwritten....


Re: upgrade Roundcube webmail

Reference: http://iredmail.org/wiki/index.php?titl … e_to_0.3.1

Note: It's for old versions, you should change version numbers to match your system.



Re: upgrade Roundcube webmail

thank You for the link, I saw this was for the older version...
I think I will let it be as it is.... I am pretty much sure that something will go wrong since we need to mess with db and symbol link.
There is something wrong on the CentOS when using symbol link I can`t explain it... I know only when we use the command for to create the symbol link than no folder is created but just one .local file instead... so it`s better to not upgrade it unless we have to..