Topic: About OpenSUSE 11.3 and iRedMail 7.0

First I would like to say that if you are using the the 6.0 tutorial to install 7.0 it will not work.   The commands do not apply.   I started over after having soooo many problems.    You should go to this link :

http://howtoforge.org/iredmail-0.7.0-op … nsuse-11.3

All of the commands have been corrected and it will install  without any real problems.

My big questions is opensuse 11.3 being a novice at all this is it really necessary to install  opensuse 11.3 to have iRedMail work properly.   I am just trying to keep from confusing the issue.  The more that is added to this process the more confusing it gets.   So please advise.   Thank You


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