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The default config of iredmail is working fine for one main domain.

Now we have added 3 new domains to postfix and also generated DKIM keys for this 3 new domains.

In apache, should I create new log files for this new domains? I want to run awstats for web + email traffic for 3 virtual domains added.

Please let me know.



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No need to config awstats, coz web+mail log into same log file, and awstats will parse them.


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You mean I will keep only one access.log and error.log file?



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Apache logs into one log file by default, so no addition change is required for awstats.
If your web server logs into multiple files for virtual hosts, you have to config awstats to parse them.

You can create new config files for awstats by simply copy existing awstats file, then change virtual host related settings, e.g. path to log file.


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Do I need to make any changes in the cronjob if I make multiple access_log files for multiple domains  l? current cron job is as follows

1   */1   *   *   *   perl /var/www/awstats/awstats.pl -config=mail.domain.net -update >/dev/null
1   */1   *   *   *   perl /var/www/awstats/awstats.pl -config=mail -update >/dev/null


Re: awstats for new domains

Also, you can put awstats commands in a shell script, and just run it with one cron job.