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First, sorry for my poor English.

A small question : how are managed queue?

Apparently, the Exchange server sends batch, the messages are not sent directly to and remain pending.

How can I do to accept the message directly to our internal server?

Thanks for your help.



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crahier wrote:

How can I do to accept the message directly to our internal server?

From internal server or send to internal server?

If it's "from internal server", try to search "mynetworks" in this forum, hope it's what you need.



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In my config, I already added the IP addresses of our Exchange server.

I don't know what I can change more...


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I'm sorry that not fully understand what your question is sad



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So, when I send a mail from Outlook using Exchange, this mail is not directly sent, it seems that Exchange lost his connection to my Postfix server (but no more information).

I try to find if it possible to "favor" Exchange, to increase his priority.


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Nobody could help me?


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@crahier: Maybe you should give a lot more details about your setup, the exact errors you are receiving and such.

For example, I don't understand at all what does Exchange Server has to do with iRedMail. Are you trying to send mail from an "outside" Exchange server to your server which has iRedMail, and you didn't receive the mails?


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I try to explain.

So, we have a main Exchange server in our company with about 800 mailbox.

In our network, for security reason, Exchange can't send mail directly.

For sending mail outside our domain, Exchange must connect to iRedMail.

iRedMail can be considered as a gateway.

Before we used MDaemon as gateway but we decided to replace it with iRedMail.

When a user sent a mail with Outlook connected to Exchange, we could see this message a few second after in MDaemon.

Now, when a user sends a mail, the mail stays into Exchange and makes more 2 or 3 minutes to be seen in iRedMail.

My colleague sees that Exchange seems loose his connection to iRedMail.


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Any log in iRedMail server? it should be logged in /var/log/maillog.



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No. What can I search typically?

With greylisting enabled, we "reject" a lot of mail coming from internet (avg: 92.74 msgs/min max:393 msgs/min).

Of course, there's no greylisting for Exchange.


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You can add internal server in postfix "mynetworks=", so that no greylisting on internal servers.

If no log in iRedMail server, seems exchange doesn't connect to iRedMail yet. You should try to troubleshoot it on Exchange server.



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I already added the Exchange IP address...

I don't say the problem is iRedMail :-) It's not easy to find where's the problem.