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I need to realize imap/pop3/smtp restrictions on domain / network basis.

I have multiple domains and I want some domain to limit with only webmail access. (other domains should be able to access imap/pop3/smtp from anywhere and thats why I cant close corresponding ports)

Please advice how can I realize this?

I tried post login acl-s but without luck (maybe  I'm just not enough experienced in this?)

If there is possibility to track client ip address in trackLastLogin.sh then I can add some code not to allow clients based on domain.

But I could not find way how to track client ip in trackLastLogin.sh


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Re: imap/pop3 access list

It's better to post what you exactly did/change, so that others can help point out the problems and how to solve them.

With OpenLDAP backend, there're many attributes/values like "enabledService=xxx" in user object, remove "enabledService=smtp" will disable smtp service for certain user.

With MySQL backend, there're columns "mailbox.enableXXXXX" in database "vmail", set them to 0 will disable certain service.

kotso wrote:

But I could not find way how to track client ip in trackLastLogin.sh

As documented in trackLastLogin.sh, you can use shell variable "${IP}".
http://iredmail.googlecode.com/hg/extra … stLogin.sh


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