Topic: How can connect iRedMail with LDAP server

Dear all,

Would you like to help me with this issue:

I have installed OpenLDAP on a server. Now I install iRedMail in another server. I want to connect the iRedMail server with the LDAP server. It means that I want user mails that are created by iRedMail will store in LDAP server or the users in LDAP server can be used in iRedMail. I don't want to use the OpenLDAP that is integrated with iRedMail, because I already have a LDAP server.



Re: How can connect iRedMail with LDAP server


- Install iRedMail with OpenLDAP backend.
- Copy LDAP scheme file "iredmail.schema" to the server which you already have OpenLDAP running. restart openldap service to make it work.
- Refer to /path/to/iRedMail-x.y.z/conf/ldap_init.ldif, create necessary objects on old OpenLDAP server.
- Change LDAP server address in Postfix/Dovecot/Roundcube config files on iRedMail server, make them query old LDAP server instead.


Re: How can connect iRedMail with LDAP server

Is there any guide for non advanced users how to connect iRedMail with existing OpenLDAP server.

I already have OpenLDAP server and want to use old server instead the one that come integrated with iRedMail instalation. I want to use user accounts created on old LDAP server with new iRedMail server.

Steps above is good direction but it maybe have more sense only for advanced users. I need little more information how to do it.

Thanks in advance.


Re: How can connect iRedMail with LDAP server

You should know below knowledge:

- Add new scheme file in OpenLDAP config file (slapd.conf)
- Create mail accounts required/used in iRedMail manually
- Update Postfix/Dovecot/Roundcube/... config files to use new LDAP server