Topic: Call for tester: iRedOS-0.5.0 RC1 is available for testing.

Hi, all.

iRedOS-0.5.0-CentOS-5.3-RC1 is available for testing, both i386 and x86_64 are available.

You can download it here:

Please report any bug and issue you found here.

Detail about this RC1 version:

  • Based on CentOS 5.3, replaced packages with updated version. such as kernel, udev, python, httpd, apr-util, php, perl, etc.

  • Ships iRedMail-0.5.0 (lastest version which checked out from google code repository)

  • Fixed several issues in Beta version.

As you see, ISO image filename is changed to follow the rule:

  • 0.5.0: this is same as version number of iRedMail it shipps.

  • CentOS-5.3: means this ISO is based on CentOS-5.3.

  • i386: this is an i386 version.

We are considering providing Debian or Ubuntu based iRedOS ISO images, welcome to join us and make it possible smile


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