Topic: phpLDAPadmin Login fails after fresh install

Hi all. I'm new to iRedMail and new to the forums, but I did run searches on everything related to this issue (which is the only way I got iRedMail up and running at ALL, so thanks in advance).

This is a fresh install of mail and admin. I set the LDAP manager password during the config, and set it again later just to make sure I had it correct. However, when I try to log in to phpLDAPadmin, I get these errors:

.Unable to connect to LDAP server My LDAP Server
Error: Invalid DN syntax (34) for user

.Failed to Authenticate to server
Invalid Username or Password.

I've googled for this and searched these forums, but can't find anything that makes sense. I don't really know anything about LDAP. (I wanted to install the mysql-backend version, but after getting through the ENTIRE INSTALL and having NOTHING work, I found a forum post from 2009 saying that mysql-backend was no longer supported. WHY is it even an option in the install, then??)

Anyway - I don't even know what logs I should be looking in for this to find any leads. Any help would be appreciated.



Re: phpLDAPadmin Login fails after fresh install

Semi-solved my problem.
In the slapd.conf file, I HAD this:

rootdn      cn=postmaster,dc=domain,dc=com
rootpw      2473829078snwodhwchifhew(hashed)

I was trying to log in with username: postmaster@domain.com, and unhashed password.

So I changed the slapd.conf to read this:

rootdn      cn=postmaster,dc=domain,dc=com
rootpw      unhashed-password

No luck with this.

So on a wild guess, I tried logging in using this whole string as the username: cn=postmaster,dc=domain,dc=com instead of postmaster@domain.com, and IT WORKED.

So can anyone maybe explain why my conf file isn't translating cn/dn/dc into user/domain/com?



Re: phpLDAPadmin Login fails after fresh install

I suggest you switch to mysql backend if you don't know ldap at all, iRedMail supports both MySQL and OpenLDAP.



Re: phpLDAPadmin Login fails after fresh install

iRedMail does, but apparently iRedAdmin does not - according to the post I found on this forum.

Is this not the case? I tried to install iRedAdmin with mysql backend and every time I tried to access it all I received were python errors.


Re: phpLDAPadmin Login fails after fresh install

iRedAdmin-Pro supports MySQL backend, it's available for purchase now.
Open source edition will be available soon.



Re: phpLDAPadmin Login fails after fresh install

I saw the purchase one supported it, but $200 seemed a bit hefty considering I am still essentially evaluating the server itself.

It is very confusing, and extremely frustrating, to go through the whole install (following the tutorial on THIS SITE), and then find out that the admin doesn't work with the settings "recommended".  (the tutorial actually says MySQL backend is recommended)
Couple that with the fact that there are references to the Pro versions everywhere, which say mySQL everywhere - why would anyone assume that sql isn't supported on the free one?

That said, the server seems to run extremely well. It's certainly a hell of a lot simpler to set up than configuring each application individually, even without a knowledge of LDAP.


Re: phpLDAPadmin Login fails after fresh install

I have to apologize that it's my fault to enable iRedAdmin open source edition in iRedMail for MySQL backend. I uploaded a new version of iRedMail-0.7.0-beta2 which disabled it.