Topic: importing .pst file contents into iredmail

Presently,we have exchange server 2003 as our mail server and clients are configured with outlook2003 mail client.
We have tested iredmail 0.6.1. This is very good
Now we want to migrate to iredmail 0.6.1 from our existing exchange server 2003. Clients often backup their repective mails as .pst file .
My question is how to import .pst file into iredmail open source version.
If this is possible, we definitely migrate to IREDMAIL version.
thanks in advance



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Re: importing .pst file contents into iredmail

1. Use imapsync if the Exchange server has IMAP capabilities.

2. Export *.pst files to individual *.eml files, and import them manually - *lots and lots and lots* of work.


Re: importing .pst file contents into iredmail

can please tell me the detailed steps for above.
uma shanker p.


Re: importing .pst file contents into iredmail

Well, first install imapsync on iRedMail server. Then run it there with:

imapsync --host1 old.server.tld --user1 old.user@domain.tld --password1 oldpassword --host2 --user2 new.user@domain.tld --password2 newpassword

Change where appropiate, you might also need other options, like "--noauthmd5" etc.

More details on the docs: