Topic: iRedMail + Active Directory?

Has someone integrated iRedMail with AD?
(at least for authentication purposes, i.e. username and password are stored in AD)



Re: iRedMail + Active Directory?

This would be helpful for me as well.


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I tested it before, it works here for me. Easy

Just change the LDAP settings in postfix (server address, port number, bind dn, bind password, query attributes in /etc/postfix/ldap_*.cf) and dovecot (/etc/dovecot-ldap.conf).



Re: iRedMail + Active Directory?

I don't know how to proceed, after clean installation.
Do I have to create users with iRedMail scripts, or I can use AD users already present?
Various LDAP config files reference some objects (like dc=vmail,dc=my,dc=domain): what do I have to do with AD?

Thanks for your replies!


Re: iRedMail + Active Directory?

You need to know basic LDAP knowledge, otherwise you can't go further with LDAP solution.



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Hi, SuperCiccio.

What features do you expect for iRedMail + AD integration?

I've tested user authentication and global ldap address book in roundcube webmail. mail group is not success yet.
Any other features do you expect?



Re: iRedMail + Active Directory?

For the beginning I would be very happy if I could manage only authentication in AD, in the future more integration would be helpful, for eg. import users or specify users to allow mail functions.
But, I don't know how to start, for now I'm frozen. If there was a step by step guide (raw steps, then I'll find the way) I could go on in some direction.

Thank you!!