Topic: email addresses is not listed in address book

Hi all,

I am facing problem with address book. I configured address book in outlook 2007 with following steps

on account settings choose address book tabs
click new
choose Internet directory service(LDAP)
insert the servername (for me, i set it to IP of the server)
checked this " this server requires me to logon"
Fill the username with --> mail=www@testserver.com,ou=Users,domainName=testserver.com,o=domains,dc=testserver,dc=com, dont forget to insert user passwd
Click "More Settings"
Leave by default,
Click "Search"
Choose "custom" and insert with --> ou=Users,domainName=testserver.com,o=domains,dc=testserver,dc=com

In compose window in TO bar when i type part of email id and press ctrl+K , it completes the email address.

But when i go to address book , it doesn't display list of all  email addresses in ldap database. I have to type few characters and press enter and it displays all email addresses.

I googled and found that typing  " . " just dot without dobule quote and press enter would give all the addresses and this works fine for thunderbird but not outlook.

I checked ldap log and found differences between when thunderbird queries and outlook queries

When outlook query, following log is seen.
Jan 27 14:27:52 homeserver slapd[5446]: conn=155 op=1 SRCH base="ou=Users,domainName=home.com,o=domains,dc=home,dc=com" scope=2 deref=3 filter="(&(|(mail=.*)(cn=.*)(sn=.*)(givenName=.*)(displayName=.*)))"

when thunderbird queries, following log is seen

Jan 27 14:28:37 homeserver slapd[5446]: conn=113 op=2 SRCH base="ou=Users,domainName=home.com,o=domains,dc=home,dc=com" scope=2 deref=0 filter="(|(mail=*.*)(cn=*.*)(givenName=*.*)(sn=*.*))"

when outlook queries  ,the filter option is mail=.* cn=.* , that is why ldap is not giving any result .
It seems if we can make ldap accept query filter like this , i can fix it.

Do we have any idea how we can fix it.