Topic: SSL per Domain?


I've got a question regarding SSL-support in iRedMail:
As iRedMail offers the possibility to manage email-accounts for multiple Domains,
is there a way to set an SSL-Cert for each domain?

For example if someone uses the email aaa@aaa.com it will use the cert
for aaa.com and for someone with die email aaa@bbb.com it will use
the cert for bbb.com?

With the current configuration I always get an error message within Thunderbird
that the ssl-cert does not match die given domain which looks quite
unprofessional as I want to sell customers space for their email-hosting on my server.


Re: SSL per Domain?

You mean per-domain SSL for IMAP service, right? You have to upgrade dovecot to the latest dovecot-2.x to achieve this.



Re: SSL per Domain?

right, that's what I meant.

Could you please tell me if or when Dovecot-2.x will be the default in iRedMail?
I really like your software but a feature to import or generate SSL-Certs from within iRedAdmin(-Pro)
for each domain would be the killer-feature I've been looking for.
When this arrives I will 100% buy iRedAdmin-Pro with a lifetime licence!


Re: SSL per Domain?

Sorry, still no plan for dovecot-2.x. You can install it manually.