Topic: DKIM testkeys ERROR

i have set up a new IRedMail system.
I have selected also DKIM key and updated my DNS settings.

My problem:
* If i check the dns settings using DIG for my TXT records i find the DKIM record but all is saved in lowercase.
* if i check my keys with amavisd-new testkeys i got the response: "invalid (public key: unsupported version)"

My question: Is the key "case-sensitive" ?

thx Mike


Re: DKIM testkeys ERROR

I guess you should ask your DNS privider, do they convert upper cases?


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Re: DKIM testkeys ERROR

my dns provider is converting all to lower case by default
I opend already a ticked (dns provider) but my question is ..... is the key i added to the dns record "case sensitive" ?
If yes i hope that was the error and will be solved with my dns provider.
if no ... i have to search a test again because the error has to be somewhere else.

thx mike


Re: DKIM testkeys ERROR

It should be case-sensitive.

Reference: RFC: DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Signatures (http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4871.txt)

Tags MUST be interpreted in a case-sensitive manner.  Values MUST be
   processed as case sensitive unless the specific tag description of
   semantics specifies case insensitivity.