Topic: Horde(Ingo) filter rules: "Authentication failed"


We have distributed our applications into different servers. 1 for webmail (horde), 1 for mail(postfix), 1 for imap/pop. I configured the  sieve backend pointing to  imap ip address from webmail's ingo. Also, the imap has pysieved running and listening on its private address. When I try to enable the "Spam Filter" rules, it has an error "ErrorThere was an error activating the script. The driver said: "Authentication failed"".

Any suggestion?




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Re: Horde(Ingo) filter rules: "Authentication failed"

Additional, we have build a separate the db server.


Re: Horde(Ingo) filter rules: "Authentication failed"

Any help?


Re: Horde(Ingo) filter rules: "Authentication failed"

In iRedMail-0.4.0 and previous versions, managesieve service is implemented with pysieved.
its main config file is /etc/pysieved.ini, try to run it in a interactive shell with debug parameter, and monitor its log file (/var/log/maillog) to troubleshoot this issue:

# pysieved -d 5 -c /etc/pysieved.ini


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