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We have just installed a system with iRedMail. I was wondering what is the best strategy for keeping the system up-to-date ?

Is it advized to run 'yum update' on a regular base to update the components of iRedMail ?  Or can this have negative consequences for the configuration ?



Re: Update strategy iRedMail

Normally, you can run 'yum update' to update binary packages with RHEL/CentOS official repositories.

For iRedMail yum repository, if package requires to change some configurations, we will post change details in our forum about 1-2 weeks before we drop this update package into yum repository.

We will try our best to help users avoid package upgrading issue, but we might still miss something, so please be gentle and "lenient".

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Re: Update strategy iRedMail

Thanx for your reply.
We installed now iRedOS 0.6.0 and several updates are available. As a starting point, can we update all repositories, including iRedMail, and then apply the hotfixes for 0.6.1 ?


Re: Update strategy iRedMail

Yes, you can.
Normally, hotfixes are independ on binary packages, they are just incorrect config/settings.