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I discovered iRedMail a few days ago and installed it today. Juste one word : good job!!!

I've a question.

In my Posftix file /etc/postfix/transport, I added a line to redirect a domain name to an other mail server, example:

skynet.be       : (an other mail server)

I after use the command postmap /etc/postfix/transport and stop/start Postfix.

When a mail is sent to this domain, it is sent to the offical address and not to our other local address.

Could you help me?

Many thanks.




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Re: Postfix and forwarding

iRedMail doesn't use /etc/postfix/transport file by default, it uses MYSQL or LDAP lookup instead. You can simple append it in "transport_maps" setting. for example:

transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport, [...OTHER LOOKUPS HERE...]


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Re: Postfix and forwarding

Many thanks for your fast answer!

I go to try it.