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i have a big problem with my mail logs that eat up all the space in my log directory, espacially the mail.info and the mail.err file.
it seems that these files are not rotated like the mail.log file. is there something wrong with my installation or are they missed in iredmail configuration script?
how can i achieve that these files are also roteted?



Re: rotating mail logs

Check files under /etc/logrotate.d/



Re: rotating mail logs

there is only on file for mail.log with iredmail header in this directory.

i looked at the postfix.sh in functions directory and there are all entries with mail.* are removed from (r)syslog and only one (mail.log) is created in an extra file. the others are only removed, not created in a extra file.
i think they shouldn't be removed or also created as a extra file

i am on a debian system


Re: rotating mail logs

Thanks for your feedback, will fix it in next release. smile



Re: rotating mail logs

Hi, @BigMichi1.

Already posted a HOTFIX for this issue, and fixed in iRedMail-0.6.1.

Thanks again for your feedback. smile



Re: rotating mail logs

Ubuntu has no /etc/logrotate.d/maillog, good path is /etc/logrotate.d/postfix