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Topic: Addin a new user into iredmail Platform

Regars for all, my question it's very simple...

Let's me expose the escenary; i as network administrator, wish like to migrate our current platform of webmail bassed on Centos, Squirremail, sendmail and other stuff handing over 20000+ user... Of course not all of them are conected at the same time and not all of them are active user, because we are a university in venezuela...

Currency we have a PHP interfaz where user are generated with data of the people at the moment of his inscription (for example; full name: Jose Figueredo, posible unique user: jfigueredo, jfiguere, figuerej, etc... actually we do that well). I've try in a test server iredmail 0.5.1 but, i don't know how to create another new user besides default user "www" created in the installation, if there a procedure, if get some parameters ones is executed, i can not find were a can do that...

After that work fine for me a cant try to addapt our "created new user interfaz" to create new user using iredmail as destination and not our current platform after the username are generated and is unique...

Thanks in advance for all and sorry for my informal language ^_^ ... waiting some answers...


Re: Addin a new user into iredmail Platform

You can continue using your existing php interface to create new accounts, just adjust it to match iRedMail SQL structure or LDAP schema.



Re: Addin a new user into iredmail Platform

hi all... thks for the answers but, where can i find that script who create my new user???

forgeting my php interfaz, how can i create a new user? running what file? or script? and if this file receibe some king of parameters.... (like user, password, etc...)


Re: Addin a new user into iredmail Platform

Try scripts in iRedMail installation directory: iRedMail-0.6.0/tools/create_mail_user_*