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Topic: Phamm instead of phpLDAPadmin

I was wondering if iRedMail plan to incorporate Phamm and use it instead of phpLdapAdmin, I think it's more easy to use than PLA.


Re: Phamm instead of phpLDAPadmin

No plan to use Phamm.
It uses its own LDAP schema which is different with iRedMail ldap schema.

We are developing our own web-based admin console, used to manage LDAP mail users.

Screenshot of DRAFT version:



Re: Phamm instead of phpLDAPadmin

This is great news, I've been wanting to migrate my mysql based MX to LDAP for a long time now, I hope this would be integrated soon, will this be part of the stable 0.5 series?


Re: Phamm instead of phpLDAPadmin

No roadmap yet.
Hope there will be a first release in Aug or Sep.