Topic: Creating directories after adding users via mysql script...

I resently deployed IRedMail(mysql backend), and moved users from old server (mail in mailbox format). I used mb2md perl script to convert mailbox to maildir and it worked just great. I make a script in sql to create about 500 maiboxes an aliases in IRedMail, but after that system didn't create user directories. Only after user logging the directories are created... Now I have problem with moving the old mail because of that ... If I creat directories manualy (or with bash script)and copy there old mails the mail isnt visible in roundcube... Maybe its problem with file system modes .... Is there any way to create this directories properly??


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Re: Creating directories after adding users via mysql script...

Refer to iRedMail-x.y.z/tools/create_mail_user_MySQL.sh, you can find out how iredmail generate maildir path, and what you need is just creating necessary mailbox directories.


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