Topic: Receiving Mail Problems

I have iRedOS 0.5.0 installed. The first 15 everything worked fine. Since yesterday, I have problems receiving e-mails. Some arrive ok, other never arrive and some other arrive with much latency. The people who send them don't get an error (their email doesn't get returned by their mail server).
Any idea?


Re: Receiving Mail Problems

Maybe clamav sucks.
Check your mailog to find out the root cause.


Re: Receiving Mail Problems

I don't see anything related with ClamAV in mailog. I suspect that greylisting is the cause, maybe I should decrease the retry period. How can I do that or disable greylisting at all?


Re: Receiving Mail Problems

Set 'GREYLISTING=0' in /etc/policyd.conf.


Re: Receiving Mail Problems

I did it and will see the next hours how is going. Then I will try TRIPLET_TIME=1m with greylist on.