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I'm currently working with 0.6.0-rc1.
Could you maybe tell me what changes are going into this version.
Tried to get it to work on a rather unusual environment, that is Debian Sid, with versions of dovecot, postfix, amavis,.... from unstable/testing.

After playing around with it, I could see some changes in dovecot 1.2
Is there anything else you are working on/have changed in rc1.

At the moment I got problems with mail delivery, and was wondering if there is a change in this.
Also some of the config files, which should have been created by the install script for dovecot and postfix have not been created/updated.

Almost working, as in, I had to re-install Roundcube manually, and I can send mails from Roundcube.
Mails get accepted by server, but not delivered to mailbox.

Mar 30 16:18:35 derchris postfix/pipe[20386]: 9DD2AC020FD: to=<policyd@derchris.eu>, relay=dovecot, delay=8254, delays=8254/0.02/0/0.18, dsn=4.3.0, status=deferred (temporary failure)


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derchris wrote:

Is there anything else you are working on/have changed in rc1.

Now we try to let iRedMail can work in ubuntu 10.04. but now still have some problem, we waitting the ubuntu beta2.


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Most likely the same problems I have at the moment.
Mails are not delivered to their Mailboxes.
I got this statement from the coder of Postfix:

The pipe delivery agent delivered the mail to a
command, and the command terminated with exit status EX_TEMPFAIL
(as defined in /usr/include/sysexits.h).

To fix, find out why that command returns this error status.

This was on another problem, but looks the same as mine.
Now, as far as I can see, the command in question should be '/usr/lib/dovecot/deliver', because of 'relay=dovecot'.
Or am I wrong.
Where could I find more debugs/information to troubleshoot this even more?

Thanks in advance.


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You should check dovecot/sieve log file first



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Not used to Postfix/Dovecot, coming from Exim.
Found the error.
It was the sieve Module for the LDA Plugin.
As I said earlier, for some reason, the script didn't update/create the correct config files.
So as I'm using Dovecot 1.2, i need to use sieve and not cmsieve.
But it was still cmsieve in the config.
One problem less.

Now there are more, but will first try to fix them myself.



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iRedMail has not been tested on Debian SID. Only -stable branch is supported.



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That's why I'm testing it wink